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If you are an experienced Bingo fan like us, or are just starting to look into getting into the game, you should definitely check out the different varieties of Bingo games online – and there are many! We are fans of them all, and nearly every kind is worth trying out. While you will have favourites, of course, there is a game out there for every player. One website that is highly recommended is William Hill UK – Bingo games, in addition to sports and casino games, are available online at William Hill in many different varieties and themes. Here is a quick breakdown of the types of Bingo games out there:

Numbered games: These typically include 90, 80, and 75 Ball Bingo. This is a classic Bingo game, and the most popular kind. The objective of the game is filling out a row of numbers before other players. Simple, classic and fun.

Bingo Games Online

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Themed games: These can include numbered Bingo or pattern Bingo, and consist of the usual rules – but with a fun twist. Each game has a unique theme that adds greatly to the gaming experience and can turn a game from fine to great! Some examples are Deal or no Deal Bingo, Stars and Stripes pattern Bingo, and Lucky Numbers Bingo.

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Chat games: Take a regular Bingo game and add friends, and what do you get? Bingo chat games! These games incorporate a chat room feature into your Bingo game, infusing your gaming experience with a feeling of community and social fun. This can put your game on the next level, from a quick way to pass the time to a chance to hang out with like-minded people for a bit. You must give a chat game a try if you enjoy social games and shared experiences.

That covers most of the great Bingo games that you can enjoy online. Each type offers something special to the fun experience of playing bingo online. We highly recommend that you spend some time with all of the styles to discover the type of game that will be your favourite. Good luck, and get playing!


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